Austrian Energy Agency is the Austrian project partner in the BIO-CHP project.

AEA is Austria´s national energy agency. As a non-profit energy research and policy institution AEA gives advice to decision-makers in energy policy and the energy sector. Its mission is to promote the rational use of energy and a stimulation of renewable energy sources and of innovative technologies at a national and international level.

The AEA team comprises appr. 40 committed, competent employees from the fields of technology and economics, as well as the natural and social sciences.

AEA counts among its 46 members the federal government, eight of the nine Austrian Länder (federal provinces), important enterprises from the fields of energy industry and energy engineering, banks, interest groups, scientific organisations, energy agencies and consulting companies.

AEA is active in the fields of RUE and RES and carries out studies on biomass, district heating, monitoring of CO2 abatement policies, CO2 saving technological innovation, energy efficiency in industry, households and transport.

Austrian Energy Agency