The Institute for Energy and Environment is the German project partner of the BIO-CHP project.

The Institute for Energy and Environment is an interdisciplinary research company working on all topics in the fields of energy, environment and water including theoretical studies as well as and practical projects. Our core competences are feasibility studies, reports, surveys and impact assessments under technological, economical and environmental criteria in addition to scenario analyses and life cycle assessments. Furthermore, we carry out laboratory analysis and practical tests in the field of biomass conversation.

The institute is member of various scientific associations and organisations and is certified according to the standard DIN EN ISO 9001. The 50 employees of the institute work on numerous boards and committees, e.g. the CEN TC 335 “Solid Biofuels”.

In the fields of biomass and waste, the Institute for Energy and Environment is engaged in various national and international projects including:

  • Monitoring of the implementation and realisation of the German Biomass-Ordinance for the ministry of agriculture and environment
  • Pre-normative work on sampling and testing of solid biofuels for the development of a quality assurance system in the EU (BioNorm)
  • Pellets for Europe
  • Biofuel potentials in East European countries and options for a sustainable biofuel trade (Viewls)
Institute for Energy and Environment