VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland, is an impartial, internationally respected and networked research centre, administered by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. VTT is a governmental contract research organisation with a turnover of 230 million € and a staff of 3000. VTT’s major clients and co-operation partners are industrial and other companies and businesses, universities and research institutes.

Energy production, where the bulk of VTT’s bioenergy expertise is, has groups working on the following topics:

  • wood and peat production, handling and logistics
  • liquid biofuels: production and use of fuel oils and transport fuels, engine and vehicle research
  • heat production: including fireplace, small scale and residential heating
  • fluidised-bed combustion: biomass combustion, co-combustion, corrosion, emissions
  • gasification and gas cleaning: fuel characterisation, fixed and fluid bed processes, IGCC, syngas
  • waste to energy: solid recovered fuels production, properties, combustion and co-gasification
  • fuel cells: SOFC and PEM, hydrogen production

VTT has large laboratory and pilot plant facilities in Espoo and Jyväskylä, Finland. Gasification and combustion units are up to 1 MWth in fuel effect. Our engine research and biotechnology facilities are supporting to whole chain bioenergy competence at VTT.