Type of CHP system: Anaerobic digestion

Plant owner: Private owner

Commissioned: 2000

Status of plant: Commercial

Contractor details:

Biogas Weser-Ems

2 CHP-units of Seva with Volvo-motors

digester: Wolf (reinforced-concrete silo)

Power generation: Gas engine

2 x 160 kWel

Main fuel: Biogas

Nominal capacities & efficiencies:

Gross electrical output: 0,32 MWe

Net electrical output: 0,284 MWe

Electrical efficiency, gross: 34,5 %

Overall efficiency, gross: 66,4 %

Gross-heat capacity by full load: < 28  MJ/s

How is plant controlled: The biogas plant generates a maximum of electricity to feed into the public grid and is limited by the amount of arising biomass input material.

Heat usage: Heating only

Energy usage:

Appr. 30% of the produced heat is used for own needs (residential building)

another 30 % is used for the digester

Fuel storage: 200 m³ collecting pits (100 m³ liguid manure; 100 m³ grease removal substrates)

Plant description:

The liquid manure of the agricultural farm of Elmar Preut is utilised in his biogas plant in Frisoythe. It facilitates the business, the barn and the digester with heat and produces electricity in a sustainable manner. The electric power is partly used for own purposes and feeded in the public grid.

Fuel feeding system: Mechanical loading system

Digester capacity: 785 m³

Residence time: 55 days

Process temperature: mesophilic (42°C)

Annual gas production: 750000 Nm³

Specific gas yield: 1,35 m³ gas/ m³ and day

Gas quality: 64 % methane

Engine: pilot injection engines

Flue gas cleaning:

Dust removal via fabric filter system

HCL reduction by flue gas scrubber

NOx-reduction via selective catalytic reduction (SCR)

SO2/SO3 reduction also by flue gas scrubber

two-level process; wet-fermentation (dry substrate content: 10 %)

Staff: Appr. 1,5 working hours per day

Electricity sale info:

The German biomass-CHP plants, which feed the generated electricity into public grid, get a fixed amount of allowances per kWh (according capacity and year of commissioning) by legal restrictions – EEG -. This allowances decreases every year.

Data collected and quality assured by: Institute for Energy and Environment.

Contact person: Janet Witt