Type of CHP system: Grate fired boiler

Plant owner:

Since 1925, the German enterprise MANN is owned by a family business with focus on international truckage service and production of renewable energy from biomass and wind power. The biomass CHP plant was built in 1995 and supplies heat and power to the company as well as extern consumers. Furthermore a wood pellet production plant is run at the company site in Langenbach since 2001.

Commissioned: 1995

Status of plant: Commercial

Contractor details:

Boiler: Lambion

Steam engine: Spilling

Power generation: Steam engine

Main fuel: Wood chips

11000 t/a of untreated wood, barke

7200 t/a matured forest (national standard: A1, A2)

Nominal capacities & efficiencies:

Total thermal input, incl. fossil fuels: 5 MW

Gross electrical output: 0,65 MWe

Net electrical output: 0,65 MWe

Heat output: 3,6 MJ/s

Overall efficiency, gross: 80 %

How is plant controlled: The unit is run due to the amount of fuel available and generates electricity to feed into the public grid primarily.

Heat usage: Heating only

Energy usage:

The plant is an industrial as well as a de-central heat supplier. The facility supplies heat to the company buildings, a green house, a lorry-washing-bay, several private and commercial houses, a drying hall and a band dryer for the wood pellet production (total amount: app. 29500 MWh per year).

Fuel storage: The biomass plant storage facility is big enough to run the unit some weeks (at full load) without new fuel input.

Ash discharge: The ash is deposited.

Plant description: The biomass CHP plant in Langenbach uses only untreated wood.

Fuel feeding system: Mechanical loading system

Flue gas cleaning: Dust removal via centrifugal force cyclone, electric filter

NOx-reduction via flue gas recirculation and air graiding

Staff: Appr. 1 person full time

Electricity sale info:

The German biomass-CHP plants, which feed the generated electricity into public grid, get a fixed amount of allowances per kWh (according capacity and year of commissioning) by legal restrictions – EEG -. This allowances decreases every year and is guaranteed for 20 years.

The Mann biomass-CHP plant feeds in the net approximately 5 000 MWh per year.

Data collected and quality assured by: Institute for Energy and Environment.

Contact person: Janet Witt