Type of CHP system: Anaerobic digestion

Plant owner: The GF-Bio-Energie Hasetal in Löningen is a limited liability company with 3 owners.

Commissioned: 2001

Status of plant: Commercial

Contractor details: SCHMACK Biogas AG (type EUCO S5, discharge-digester: EUCO 400)

biogas CHP units: Schell

Power generation: Gas engine

Main fuel: Biogas

Nominal capacities & efficiencies:

Gross electrical output: 0,8 MWe

Net electrical output: 0,767 MWe

Electrical efficiency, gross: 35 %

Gross-heat capacity by full load: < 28  MJ/s How is plant controlled: The biogas plant generates a maximum of electricity to feed into the public grid and is limited by the amount of arising biomass input material.

Heat usage: Heating only

Energy usage: Process heat for digester: 3 109 MWh/a

Fuel storage: The biomass plant storage building has a capacity of max. 1000 m³.

Plant description:

The biogas plant in Löningen consits of 10 x 80 kWh CHP units, 2 laying digesters of 400 m³ each and  5 downstream storage digesters of 1800 m³ each. The company uses only liquid manure, renewable primary energy products and vegetable waste to produce biogas. Two of the company owners run also a liquid manure stock market.

Fuel feeding system: Mechanical loading system

Digester capacity: 7130 m³

Residence time: 28-35 days

Process temperature: mesophilic (40°C)

Annual gas production: 32000 Nm³

Gas quality: 54 % methane

Engine: pilot injection engines a’ 80 kW (35% efficiency)

Flue gas cleaning:

Dust removal via fabric filter system

HCL reduction by flue gas scrubber

NOx-reduction via selective catalytic reduction (SCR)

SO2/SO3 reduction also by flue gas scrubber

one-level process; wet-fermentation (dry substrate content: 7 %)

The plant produces appr. 50 000 t fertilizer per year, which is used in agriculture and forestry.

Staff: Appr. 2 full time persons

Electricity sale info:

The German biomass-CHP plants, which feed the generated electricity into public grid, get a fixed amount of allowances per kWh (according capacity and year of commissioning) by legal restrictions – EEG -. This allowances decreases every year.

Data collected and quality assured by: Institute for Energy and Environment.

Contact person: Janet Witt