Type of CHP system: Anaerobic digestion

Plant owner: “Energy from gras” is a joint project of two farmers Mr. Josef Priedl and Mr. Gerhard Eigner.

Commissioned: 1995

Status of plant: Commercial

Contractor details: CHP: 115 kW, gross efficiency 32, 8%, net efficiency approx. 30%

Power generation: Gas engine

Main fuel: Biogas

This plant uses amongst maize, sunflowers, different inter and winter crops, sudan gras silage.

Nominal capacities & efficiencies:

Gross electrical output: 0,115 MWe

Net electrical output: 0,078 MWe

Electrical efficiency, gross: 30 %

Overall efficiency, gross: 80 %

How is plant controlled: Continuous operation for 24 hours according to gas yield

Heat usage: Heating only

Fuel storage: The fuel storage has a size of 1700 m3

Plant description:

The biogas plant is owned by two farmer. It is a continuous fermenter system (fermenter 400 m3, second stage fermenter = storage 2700 m3).
The aim was to use crops for energy production as alternative to conventional crop growing and the use of set-aside areas of agricultural land.

Annual gas production: 480000

Gas quality: 51% methan, heating value: 5,1 kWh/m3

Electricity sale info: The feed in rate in Austria is regulated by law and depends on the type of biomass used and on the size of the plant.

Data collected and quality assured by: Austrian Energy Agency.

Contact person: Elvira Lutter