Type of CHP system: Anaerobic digestion

Plant owner: The biogas generation plant is owned by:

Hashøj Biogas A.m.b.a.

Vemmeløsevej 19 A

DK-4261 Dalmose


The CHP plant is owned by:

Hashøj Kraft- Og Varmeforsyning A.m.b.a.

Industrivej 17

DK-4261 Dalmose


Commissioned: 1994

Status of plant: Commercial

Contractor: Krüger Ltd.

Power generation: Gas engine

Main fuel: Biogas

Natural gas is the main fuel at the plant. Biogas represents about 38% of the fuel consumption.

How is plant controlled: The CHP plant is controlled by the heat demand.

Heat usage: Heating and process steam

Energy usage:

The biogas produced is utilised at a CHP plant in Dalmose, where two biogas and natural gas fuelled engines supply 380 consumers in Dalmose and Flakkebjerg with district heating. The electricity produced is fed into the grid.

Biogas storage capacity: 2,200 m3

Plant description:

The centralised biogas plant in Hashøj is owned by an independent co-operative, Hashøj Biogas A.m.b.a, with 17 members, all farmers and slurry suppliers. The aim of the co-operative was to build and operate a biogas plant to facilitate redistribution of animal slurry in the area and to provide investment grants for the establishment of slurry storage capacities. The plant is part of the demonstration programme for Danish biogas plants, aiming to demonstrate combined biogas-natural gas fuelled CHP plant.

Before digestion, the biomass mixture passes through the pasteurisation tanks for one hour, where effective pathogen reduction is ensured at 70°C. The farmers have overall positive experience of using digested biomass as fertiliser. The product smells less, is sanitised, homogenous and with a defined content of nutrients, which makes it easy to handle and to integrate in their individual fertiliser plans. 15 -20 % of the digested biomass is sold each year on a contract basis to 5 crop farms in the neighbourhood.

The biogas produced is utilised for CHP- production at the newly established plant in Dalmose, where two biogas and natural gas fuelled engines supply 380 consumers in Dalmose and Flakkebjerg with electricity and heat. The plant also has boiler systems for production of steam for process heating.

During the running-in period, Hashøj biogas plant had a five year operational service management agreement with the plant contractor, Krüger A/S, at a fixed annual price.


The biogas plant receives slurry from 10 pig farms and 6 cattle farms in the area. The biomass mixture consists of cattle and pig slurry, intestinal content from pig abattoirs, fat and flotation sludge from pig abattoirs, fish and food processing industries, dairies etc.

Digester capacity: 3,000 m3

Process temperature: Mesophilic digestion at 37 deg. C

Annual gas production: 3,000,000

Specific gas yield: 54

Total capital cost: 2.907.000 Euro

Government grant: € 680,000

Biogas plant: € 2,440,000

(Biogas production unit including pre- and post-storage tanks at the plant, pipeline and CHP plant)

Vehicles: € 160,000

Storage tanks at farms: € 307,000

Data collected and quality assured by: FORCE Technology.

Contact person: Anders Evald