Type of CHP system: Grate fired boiler

Plant owner:

Elsam A/S

Overgade 45

DK-7000 Fredericia


Commissioned: 1996

Status of plant: Commercial

Contractor details:

Unit 1:

Boiler unit: BWE

Turbine unit: Siemens

Precipitator: ABB

Controlsystem: ABB

Boiler feed pumps: KSB

Unit 2:

Boiler unit: Steinmüller

Turbine unit: ABB

Precipitater: Steinmüller

Controlsystem: ABB

Boiler feed pumps: KSB

Power generation: Steam turbine

High efficiency due to co-production of electricity and district heating (no summer-cooling). Dioxin filters have been installed since erection.

Main fuel: MSW

Unit 1: Waste capacity: 2×8 tonnes/h. Input capacity 2×23,5 MW

Unit 2: Waste kapacity 1×16 tonnes/h. Input capacity 1×60 MW

Nominal capacities & efficiencies:

Thermal input, biomass & waste: 106 MW

Total thermal input, incl. fossil fuels: 106 MW

Gross electrical output: 29,4 MWe

Net electrical output: 24 MWe

Heat output: 64 MJ/s

Electrical efficiency, gross: 27,7 %

Electrical efficiency, net: 22,6 %

Overall efficiency, gross: 89,7 %

Power to heat ratio:

Unit 1: 0,345

Unit 2: 0,40

How is plant controlled: Controlled by the amount of waste that has to be disposed

Heat backup: No such installations

Heat usage: Heating only

Energy usage:

The power produced is fed into the electricity grid.

The heat is supplied to the district heating system.

DH inlet temperature: 85 °C

DH return temperature: 45°C

Heat storage size: None m3

Hours of full load that the heat storage can meet: 0

Fuel storage: Max capacity in bunker: 3000 tonnes

Waste water:

Waste water generated: 26.500 m3/year. 18.250 from HCL-scrubber goes to municipal treatment. 8.250 from SO2-scrubber to re-use in Elsam wet fluegas-cleaning on coal-fired plants.

Ash discharge: Fly-ash goes to refilling of saltmines. Bottom-ash goes to reuse under roads, buildings etc.

Plant description:

The idea of the plant is to reduce waste to energy (electricity and district heating) and at the same time to produce as little polution as posible.

Unit 1 commissioned in 1996. Unit 2 in 2000.

Fuel feeding system: Waste from bunker via cranes to hubbers.

Boiler: Moving grate fired waste boiler

Turbine: Back pressure turbine

Steam data:

Unit 1: 56,99 t/hr

Unit 2: 78,12 t/hr

64 bar/380 oC

Flue gas cleaning:

Unit 1: Electrostatic filter, wet two-stage scrubber, end of the line dioxin-filter, baghousefilter.

Unit 2; HOK-injektion, hot baghouse filter, wet two-stage scrubber

Cooling system: Cooling by district heating water


Total 32 persons.

During daytime 10 persons.

During nighttime 3 persons.

Electricity sale info: Fixed prices. 3 differens periods/day (low, high, peak). Might change to commercial prices from 2005

Data collected and quality assured by: FORCE Technology.

Contact person: Anders Evald