The BIO-CHP project runs in 5 work phases:

  1. CHP plants selection and participation
    This is the preparatory phase where the framework for the collection, analysis and dissemination will be defined. 60 plants will be selected amongst all existing biomass CHP plants in the partner countries, their participation will be arranged and the data handling and processing planned.
  2. Collecting data
    Phase 2 will last for two years and will comprise of the collection and processing of monthly operational data from the selected plants.
  3. Regularly dissemination
    Phase 3 covers the regular dissemination of information where a European network of stakeholders will be established and the project will liase with existing networks. Data will be published in several electronic newsletters and on this website.
  4. Best Practice Guide
    In Phase 4 a Best Practice Guide for the use of biomass in CHP plants is drawn up based on the gathered experiences from the existing plants. The guide will be useful for eg. new plants.
  5. Workshop
    A workshop at the end of the project will facilitate a possibility where the stakeholders can meet and participate actively in the network by exchanging experiences.