Project results presented in seminars and conferences can be downloaded here.

Presentations from the project workshop, Vienna 2006

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Electricity from biomass CHP in the Biomass Action Plan
Elvira Lutter, Austrian Energy Agency

European best practice in biomass CHP
Anders Evald, FORCE Technology

Promoting biomass CHP in Europe – successes and issues
Michel Raskin, COGEN Europe

The operational economy of co-fired biomass boilers in CHP plants
Janne Kärki, VTT

Factors of success for biomass CHP in Austria
Kasimir Nemestothy, Austrian Energy Agency

Biomass power plant Güssing, Austria: the fluid-bed steam gasification facility
Reinhard Rauch, Technical University of Vienna

Co-firing biomass and coal at Studstrup Power Plant, Denmark
Anders Evald, FORCE Technology

Presentation of two participating Finnish plants
Janne Kärki, VTT

Biomass power plant in Pfaffenhofen, Germany: a grate fired boiler
Wolkmar Schäfer, eta Energieberatung, Pfaffenhofen

The biomass CHP plant in Östersund, Sweden
Göran Englund, Jämtkraft Östersund

Biomassa-centrale Lelystad: a grate fired CHP combustion plant
Dennis Schiricke, NUON Energy Sourcing, Amsterdam

Presentation in Biomass Conference, Paris, October 2005
Prested by Kati Veijonen, VTT, Finland